Professor Suleiman Hussein Suleiman

Dean’s Message

Welcome to the Faculty of Medicine, Nile University. We set out to provide our students with a friendly and comfortable learning environment. Our goal is to qualify our students for both ethical and professional medical practice.
Students are expected to make the best use of the learning resources and learning experiences offered by the Faculty of Medicine, Nile University. A good student will make an excellent and professional physician. Let us all have a positive attitude to teaching and learning. Extracurricular activities are encouraged through the Students Association and organized by staff and students, these can be college or community-based. Their aim is to develop the value of social responsibility and to participate in community development.

About the Faculty of Medicine

The program for medical degrees is designed according to the recent advances in medical education. We adopt the outcome-based curriculum using widely accepted knowledge, skills and professional behavioral outcomes.

  • The studies take the form of integrated courses which aim at motivation and relevance.
  • One of our aims is to qualify our students for international postgraduate degrees. Already some of our graduates are preparing for British and US examinations.
  • Finally, Nile University is expanding fast but our focus is still on quality resources and management. 

The MB BS degree in Medicine employs an outcome-based curriculum based upon the educational standards prescribed by the World Federation for Medical Education (WFME). The integrated coursework aims to motivate students to excel and prepare them for international postgraduate degrees .The methods used combine attendance to students needs with students’ participation, development of social responsibility and self-study habits are among the topmost goals. The methods of student assessment are selected according to the objectives of the courses with diligent attention to setting standards