Professor Hamad A.H. Elturabi

Academic Affairs


A message from the Academic Secretary

The Academic affairs officers dial with all aspects of students’ registration, students’ examinations.

The University Regulation facilitates the affairs of students from abroad. The examination units organizes and coordinates examination resources and supervision to gather with faculty departments and course coordinators.

We will be glad to be of service to students’ parents and relatives.


About the Academic Affairs


About Examinations

Examinations are held twice a year.

The student will be able to sit examinations in one or perhaps several of these sessions, depending on the programme registered for.

Exam conduct and writing the examination

The student will see a time table notice at least 2 weeks before the examination all students are advised to familiarise themselves with the registration and examination regulation.

  • Your handbook contains further information on writing exams.
  • See more about rules, assessment offences and cheating.

Examination entry/ Deadlines

  • Follow the instructions below to enter for examination. You can also find the entry deadlines for entering the examination hall.

In case of

1.    Sickness

 Students should report to the student’s health service during the working house.

2.    Absence

 with acceptable reasons should be reported by students immediately

3.    Late for exam time

 The regulations do not allow students to enter examiner halls 30 minutes after the start of the exam.

4.    Re correction

 Application for re-correction of a paper should be submitted not more than 72 hours after the announcement of the results.

Examination results

  • Results will be released on the dates listed in the results release dates (Open in new window).
  • On the date of announcement, the student will receive an email containing a link to the results through the website students page.