Dr Sharf Eldin Shueib

Dean’s Message

Warm welcome to the community of future nurses.
We are committed to excellence our programs to train graduate and present to the community professional and compassionate nurses. The Faculty of Nursing Sciences is attractive to candidates because of its excellent standing, the careful planning of its curriculum, the diligent implementation of its modules .The commitment of the academic staff, and its evaluation and adjustment ensure continuous improvement.
In 2011, the first batch of BSN students was graduated, after that students graduation has followed annually. The great majority of graduates have found jobs related to their specialization soon after graduation. At present, there is a high demand for our graduates to work in the system. In fact, many of our graduates are serving at major health care facilities locally and abroad.
We strive to offer specialized professional postgraduate nursing program hopefully in the near future.

About the Faculty of Nursing 

The Bachelor of Nursing Degree (BSN) is a four-year program which aims to provide high quality, effective, and Up-to-date nursing education. The main program objectives are:

  • To train, educate and graduate qualified nurses who are able to give holistic nursing care in any health setting to individuals, families, and communities.
  • To uphold the concepts of health promotion and maintenance, and improvement of quality of life.
  • To undertake practice-based research to improve the quality of nursing care and to stimulate suitable development in the field of nursing.
  • To provide nursing care services throughout the various levels of the health care system.