Deanship of Student Affairs

Dean’s Message

It gives me great pleasure to welcome the new students and congratulate these who are successfully continuing their studies.

The students’ deanship is concerned with students’ services and counseling and to support of extracurricular activities.

Closing through the website pages your will get more detail about these activities.

I would like to take this opportunity to thank Nile Students Association and the those active in the different societies for their magnificent representation of the university in various areas of students work in and outside the university.

I invite all students to participate in the students activities and wishall of you success in your studies and setting good examples of discipline and collaboration in students work.


Providing our students with the services and supporting their activities, to develop into a positive and productiveforce in the 21stcentury.

Providing the community with talented youth may they lead the nation to achieve its national dreams.


  • To provide students with the skills to identify with society.
  • To support and promote the positive values of national identification.
  • To achieve quality in all student activities and services.
  • To enhance team spirit and voluntary work among students and to support their efforts in community work.
  • To provideopportunities for innovations and development of talent.
  • To help the students to make full of use their leisure time.

Behavior and Discipline

  1. Students shall abide by all laws in the country and rules and regulations of the University. Students shall not at any time or place offend the University reputation or any of its staff members, workers, or students.
  2. Students shall regularly attend lectures, study discussions, examinations, tests and all curricular activities in accordance with the University rules and regulations.
  3. Students shall follow good conduct at all times and places with all workers and students inside and outside the University and in the course of all activities.
  4. Students shall respect cultural, religious, ethnic diversity, and worship places and refrain from any expression or deed that may insult any of them.
  5. Students shall respect their teachers and all workers inside and outside the University and at the training centers, and establish relationships with their colleagues based on tolerance and mutual respect.
  6. Students shall avoid any behavior that may endanger the security, safety, or health of others.
  7. Students shall attend to their appearance in keeping with professionalism and wear acceptable clothes in all University premises, and in the course of any curricular, cultural, athletic or social activities.
  8. Students shall not smoke, keep or consume or process any alcoholic drink, addictive substances, or Sauot – inside or outside the University premises.
  9. Food and drinks are not allowed inside the classrooms and training centers.
  10. Students are totally forbidden from bringing, possessing showing or making any sort ofWeapon or bringing any materials that may endanger their safety or that of other students, the staff or the safety of the University buildings and property.
  11. Students should handle equipment and University’ facilities with care and follow instructions for their use. Units and departments are entitled to issue instructions that regulate the use of facilities.

Exams, Assignments and Projects 

  • Academic honesty is a top priority in all of Students will be held responsible for any of the following:
  • Cheating at the exams in any shape or form.
  • Students should observe all instructions issued by the academic secretary or the examination offices.
  • Facilitation: or attempting to assist fallen students during examinations or in assignments.
  • Plagiarism: using another person’s work or copy – paste without referring to the origin is dishonest and will call for punishment.

Procedures for dealing with students’ misconduct

  • All complaints should be reported to the deanship of students.
  • The president of the university shall form an investigation committee in all cases of Misbehavior or digression from university regulations.
  • When the evidence is against the student the university president shall form a disciplinary committee to examine the evidence and suggest the appropriate penalty.

Dress Code

  • Students should wear suitable clothes for study and work with no excessive writing on T-shirts or wearing worn trousers with tears and holes etc.
  • Students should always appear in a serious professional manner, especially by avoiding outlandish hairstyles not congruent with professional and social norms.
  • All students should wear a clean lab coat during practical or clinical classes. Those who fail do so will not be allowed in the labs or clinics.