Admission and Registration

Conditions of Admission and Registration:

1. The admission committee shall examine the document provided by the applicant for admission and shall make sure that the application meets the requirements and conditions referred to in the regulations.
2. Students shall complete the procedures for registration within two weeks from the date of announcement of their admission in the University. Failure to register within the prescribed period will deprive the applicant from admission unless otherwise decided by the admissions committee.
3. A student, who fails to complete his registration procedures within the advertised period, may apply to the admission committee that may recommend him for registration provided that there are vacancies.
4. A student who has been absent from the University for a period of more than one semester for unacceptable reasons or approved suspension of registration, shall be dismissed from the University.
5. The College may propose any special requirements for admission provided that these proposals do not conflict with the general admission regulations.

Suspension of Registration

        Under special circumstances the Academic Board may approve the suspension of registration of a student for not more than two semesters provided that:

1. An application indicating the reasons is submitted to Academic Board.
2. Payment of the registration fees.
3. If the application was rejected, the admission committee shall inform the student in writing with a copy to the registrar of the University.