Dr Kawthar AbdAlgaleil MohammedSalih Ibrahim

Dean’s Message

To all our new first year and those in the second year and above.

Many critical medical decisions that are life-changing are based on laboratory results generated by laboratory professionals. They are healthcare detectives working behind the Scenes, to provide high-quality, reliable test results.

Laboratory professionals must have extensive knowledge of normal and abnormal Medical sciences. Correlation of laboratory data to specific diseases, and extensive Knowledge of instrumentation and test principles and methodologies are the highlights of this profession.

A word of advice

 Be punctual and care for your attendance and coursework to be a reliable member of the health team.  


About the Faculty Medical laboratory

The faculty of medical laboratory sciences is mainly housed in the Medical Sciences building, where the laboratories and offices are found.

The main concern of this faculty is to provide the theoretical and practical    Learning experiences necessary for a reliable Laboratory Scientist.

The strength of our M LS faculty is in its rigorous laboratory training and its diligent staff.

Our graduates have already made their mark locally and abroad.